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Our company's new hollow plastic building formwork and technology plastic beam are green building materials that the country strongly advocates for energy conservation and environmental protection and low carbon economy. With high quality polypropylene resin as the base material, it adopts the industry's top technology, has greater bearing strength, does not run the mold or increase the mold, and has the characteristics of recycling, flame retardant and waterproof, and high turnover rate. The plastic formwork has become the first choice of the construction industry and can replace the traditional plywood, bamboo and metal formwork, which are widely used in construction, water conservancy, hydropower, bridge and tunnel engineering.

Barry international co.,ltd is specialized in construction products in Wuxi, China, we established long and close working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals. We create professional commercial flows with our partners, we will providing quality products and reliable services and sourcing from reputed manufacturers. Our company has primarily focused on building materials such as construction formwork, PVC/WPC decorative panel and pre-insulated panel which has rich experience, we will keep in the forefront the satisfaction and trust of our customers and manufacturing companies and to move forward with our new products and services. we look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business in China.



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